Hi! I’m Laura.

I’m a writer, reader and enthusiastic general hobbyist.

I love discovering new things, experimenting with cooking, and honing my various crafts (generally with enthusiasm but no great expertise). I’d love you to come on this everyday adventure with me.

The purpose of this blog is to keep up some steady reading, writing-and-publishing habits, to explore different topics, styles and techniques, and keep myself accountable on my bigger writing goals. When possible, I also want to write more about exploring around my home and beyond. I hope it brings you joy, as you read about my life, the universe and everything.

Caution: literary references ahead!

The author, perched in front of her bookshelf

Some recent posts

The Slow Drive Home

My parents recently visited the town my granny used to live in, and were bringing back some goods from her house. A result of a little rhyme in a text from dad on the way home, this poem’s a little story about the family moving service we all end up part of at some stage.


I wrote a poem about our little at-home Christmas. I relished the opportunity to give my love a delicious dinner. And I so appreciate his helping hands to wash my pots and pans.