On habits and being brave

So. I’ve done the thing and started a blog. There’s a lot to be said about blogging techniques, writing practices, crafting the perfect piece of copy for a readership you know a lot about… (I know at least a bit about that sort of thing; I did work in marketing for a little while).

This is not that kind of blog.

I’ve known more or less as long as I could read that I wanted to be a writer, but did I actually practice it? Hells no. That’s hard and takes dedication and stuff. So I kept saying I wanted to be a writer, but did it a lot of the time while looking at a blank word document while the TV was on in the background. Full disclosure – the TV is currently on in the background. This blog is part of an intentional step towards regular writing practice that hones my prose, gets me into a habit, and makes me feel brave.

I currently know very little about WordPress, so bear with me as I come to grips with making it as shiny and slick as I want it to be. This may well mean sub-par formatting and not a lot of customisation. Yet. I’ll get there.

As the title would suggest, this is going to be a place for me to write about everyday adventures. I totally dig getting excited about the so-called boring stuff of life, and can ramp up strong opinions about very mundane things for the sake of humour and conversation. As Alex and I have just (2.5 months ago) moved continent, there are lots of big and little adventures to be had, so I shouldn’t run out of material any time soon!

I’m looking forward to sharing my writing with you – as I said earlier, it’s making me feel brave, or at the very least, practice being brave. Sharing something as personal as writing is a challenge for me, because there is a weird idea in my head that somehow people’s judgement of my writing is more personal than their judgement of my sewing, cooking or other creative pursuits. And that may be true, but also, I sorta need to get over it if I ever want to be a Published Author ™.

So, here is to crappy first drafts, cups of tea, and being brave.


  1. Good luck with your blog, Laura! 🌞


    1. Laura M. says:

      Thanks, Ken! I hope I manage to stick to it 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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