More than a Feeling

Blog two of the lightening blog round. Here goes nothing!

It’s been really weird to get used to life in the UK over the past few months. We arrived after an unseasonably cool spring in Cape Town, which we were pretty thankful for, because it meant that we weren’t going from hot summer to freezing winter, but it did mean that we went from cold to cold(er). Our first week was one of the colder weeks of winter too!

The song, ‘More than a Feeling’ has a line about the sun being gone – I have come to appreciate the instant improvement of feeling when there is some sun, and it feels like the band knows a thing or two about famously grey and rainy Manchester 🙂

I’m certainly not complaining – as much as everyone says the weather here is wet all the time (on average), and calls it mud island, we haven’t found it too terrible. May was the sunniest May on record, and the poor public patches of grass have never gone so long without a drizzle and are looking a bit parched. Ag, shame.

‘More than a Feeling’ is one of those songs that I remember people yodeling along to in a bar or club at 1am, between tequilas. It has a weird push-pull of happy/sad: “I see my Maryanne walking away”, “I closed my eyes and she slipped away”. It also uses the power of music to invoke and cope with memories: “I hide in my music and forget the day”. So, it’s a song about loss, over time.

Loss, over time.

I think there is going to be a weird period of global collective mourning for this weird year that has been so far. We will all need to deal with the crazy year and the things it has made us miss out on, and the changes it has made to our lives, and how we ‘people’.

It still seems that every time we think that 2020 is done, it says ‘hold my beer’, and goes for another, crazier loop. Hopefully soon, it will take a breather, and yodel ‘More than a Feeling’, thinking about the things we have loved and lost, and how they have shaped us.

Day 2.

Writing song:

More than a Feeling by Boston

Editing song:

Open Arms (Journey)
Amusingly I’ve done a dance showcase to this one 🙂

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