I just haven’t met you yet

This upbeat Michael Buble song is lots of fun, and full of hope. I love the fact that it goes through the great positives of finding your human, projecting into the future. I’ve had the great fortune to find mine. Alex is kind, determined, stubborn. Very caring. Will love you by serving you, especially in the form of grotty household jobs.

What I thought about through this song, was actually not my husband, but about the kid(s) we may one day have. “I promise you kid, that I’ll give so much more than I get, but I just haven’t met you yet.”

This comes after my cousin and his family recently welcomed a new little member. Now they have a bustling brood of four.

I’ve had patches of being broody before, and I do think that children are great. At the moment, I’m not quite ready for motherhood (mostly not being able to give the children back at the end of the day). Thinking about the future kids that may fill my home and fill out my family, I think I will likely end up with some pretty precocious lil rays of sunshine. I will certainly know where he or she got it from.

It is a bit of a diversion from the meaning of the song, but hey.

I am looking forward to one day being a mom – I think having a kid is going to be one of the most challenging and awesome things I will do. I promise, future kid, that I will love you, encourage you, go on adventures with you, and read you all of my favourite books 🙂

I just haven’t met you yet – and we won’t for a nother couple of years, but that’s fine. When the time is right, we’ll meet you, and we will go on the best adventure together, as a family.

Day 3. (A day late. Whoops).

Writing song:

Fun song 🙂

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