Fight Song/Amazing Grace

It’s a Sundayish sort of feeling, sitting on the couch in the lounge and watching the last rays of sun creeping over the edge of the cloud as the sun sets. Thinking about the weekend that has passed, and the week that lies ahead.

One of my favourite mash-ups of all time, by one of my favourite classical(ish) music groups, is the Amazing Grace/Fight Song mash-up by the Piano Guys. I like it for a variety of reasons, not least the epic strings, piano, bagpipes and drum line.

It’s got a lot to do with its empowering drive. I don’t actually know a lot of the lyrics of Fight Song, but I know “I’ve still got a lot of fight left in me.” I have been thinking about how we keep going, how we deal with various things, and this song has quite an important integration of two important concepts for me – one, keeping going and maintaining focus; two, knowing that there is a bigger picture that I fit into somehow.

Every time I hear Amazing Grace I think of Alex’s granny, who apparently couldn’t stand it. And that makes it even more lovely, because she was an awesome lady who went on many adventures into her old age, complaining after her last one that she hadn’t quite managed the hike up the Namib sand dune. Here’s hoping I have the amazing grace and fight in me to be that sort of cool when I’m in my 90s.


The Piano Guys, who crossed Fight Song on cello and piano with a highland regiment, pipers and drummers – I cannot WAIT to go on a Scottish adventure! Until then, I’ll be having my adventures a little closer to home.

I did a thing that scared me a little – I spent (quite a lot of) money on a folding bike! Obviously it still has to arrive and I’m waiting for the payment to clear and stuff, so I’m not getting too excited until it is in my living room and I can touch it. I have had two failed attempts at getting a bike so far – it seems bikes are the new toilet paper, and everyone has rushed on them to make the most of the sun. Sun, which has subsequently mostly been behind a cloud.

So I will keep you posted on the bike situation, and when it comes, I will be able to do a local adventure further afield than my little leggies can take me on foot.


OOoooooOOOhh a key change! I love me some bagpipes, and I’m often confused why more people don’t like them. I mean, they shouldn’t be played indoors, except maybe in a church or cathedral, and maybe that’s the problem lots of people have with them – exposed too close, rather than on a moor somewhere, with mist rolling in.

Aaanyway… my Scottish adventure will happen eventually – I will bag a munroe with Ellie, look at a loch, and drink some whisky. Sounds delightful.

Day 4.

Writing song:

Fight Song/ Amazing Grace – The Piano Guys.
Totally worth it exploring the rest of their channel.

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