Wedding Dress

It’s been almost a year since I married my hero – on our way to our first anniversary, in mid-July. It’s been kind of surreal to see how much stuff has happened in the past year, from our marriage, to leaving my first ever grown-up job to move overseas to a city we had never seen. It’s been a great, if very full year.

This song gave me the opportunity to think through that incredible day. I have a photo of us coming out of the church as my laptop backdrop, with petals raining down on us. That day, we made some very deep promises to each other – all I am, I give to you, and all I have, I share with you. Making those promises in front of our family and friends was one of the best moments of my life.

“In your wedding dress, to have and to hold”.

A crisp, cold, July morning, that rained in the early hours but cleared to a beautiful sunshine-soaked (if wind-chilled) day. Most of the professional photos feature me pretending that it is not, in fact, in the single figures temp-wise, and that I am not cold, just radiant.

“All I can see is my future in your hands.”

We’ve been through some “fun” challenges over our eight years so far, and I am glad to have you by my side, my love.

A delightful moment, stolen before the guests all came through to the tea. Photo credit: Shireen Louw Photography.

I am glad we had the opportunity to set up our wedding venue, to organise the details like vases and flower arrangements and place cards with our parents and bridal party. I am so glad we have this strong community around us (even if they are now around us from miles away).

Our first dance was a total joy and delight. It was a performance, to show off some ballroom skills, but also some truth. We got to be some suave 40s gangsters, and “so excited that we just can’t fight it”.

Good food, good dancing, good people… what an adventure, then and ever since.

Day 5.

Writing song:

Matt Nathanson, Wedding Dress.
Admittedly, this was not a song we played at all on our wedding day. I’m sure they will crop up on my spotify list at some stage though, either by mistake or (more likely) intentionally. 😀

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