Danger Zone

I made possibly the tastiest-I’ve-managed-so-far fried rice this evening for supper. It’s kind of one of those dishes that I know should be easy, but there is a lot to be said for consistent practice and watching the experts.

Since the start of Lockdown, I’ve watched a whole lot of Bon Appetit (particularly Gourmet Makes, just so I can be sure to work my way through the whole channel over time). I read today that the personalities in those videos are not treated equally or equitably, and now I don’t really want to keep consuming it until the magazine/publisher has made actions towards more inclusive work practices. I know Masterchef AU has previously had representation issues, but I am so impressed by the current season in terms of its more representative judging panel, and large number of Asian-Australian competitors, including some of my all-time-favourites like Sarah Tiong (whose insta is a treasure trove, and I cannot wait to get my hands on her book, Sweet, Savory, Spicy. I’m so interested to keep following the ongoing Back To Win season and see how it unfolds.

Back to the song: It’s from a playlist called “Gym UK”, and I totally get that it would be a good gym song. Not that I’ve been to a gym since like 2015, and even then, it was a university gym that mostly played electro or nnttssssntssss of some kind. I think I’ll put the song on my playlist for when I eventually do join a gym again – should be fun.

Question I wrote while I was drafting: “Wait, isn’t that also from that plane movie?”. Yes, yes, “that plane movie” – only Top Gun! (Which admittedly, I still haven’t seen… don’t tell my husband’s best friend, whose favourite ever movie it is!). It is certainly a pump-you-up and get-you-moving song, with a pretty reasonable BPM, so would work out as a reasonable jive or maybe swing if danced. I also realised after I finished the draft that it was by Kenny Loggins – AKA Mr Footloose. Another epic movie that I really ought to have seen.

Thinking of the confluence of Danger Zone and food, I’ve been working on increasing my heat tolerance in foods. I really like food that is traditionally spicy, but I am still learning to eat hot things. This week’s meal plan featured tonight’s fried rice, with lashings of chilli oil (inspired by another Masterchef AU contestant, Brendan Pang), and a curry for Thursday and Friday. I wanna learn how to do hot and flavourful, not just pain 😀

Right into the danger zone!

What are your favourite recipes with a touch (or a lot) of heat?

Day 6.

Writing song:

Kenny Loggins’ Danger Zone.

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