Good as Hell

I can’t believe I’ve never listened to a Lizzo song (while knowingly listening to it – may have heard it in the mall or something) until today. I used to listen to a lot of radio in the car while driving to and from work in Cape Town, but since being in the UK, I have been missing this slice of keeping up with the hits.

I read somewhere that Lizzo started lots of people playing the flute! Which is AWESOME.

“Do my hair toss, check my nails; Baby, how you feelin? Feeling good as hell!”

It’s a new, empowering kind of breakup song, I suppose? I like it.

Lizzo’s approach to this issue, in which the main character in the song encourages solid respect for herself, independent of a partner’s love, is refreshing – walk your fine ass out that door 😀

The vibe seems to fit in with a community that I have joined on Facebook, and which has become a weird tribe. I joined on the recommendation of a friend based in Cape Town who said that it is a group for people who focus on body positivity, fitness and community, when I said that I was feeling a bit low on friends in Manchester. That was shortly before Lockdown, and well, I haven’t had a chance to go to any meetups or make friends in other ways since, but I have found the group very supportive, generally open to giving advice, and generally receptive to well-wishers from internet weirdos like me. It’s been kind of odd to make ‘friends’ online via a facebook group, when I don’t know any of the people personally, but they have an openness that I enjoy. The group originally is based around a No-BS fitness guide by a personal trainer, which I am seriously considering getting when there are gyms to go back to, augmenting the running I’m doing with a bit of strength training. I can get strong too, right?

Anyway, this group on Facebook is a cult support group, based largely around a mutual love of pick-n-mix (sweets), getting strong/celebrating bodies for what they can do, eating good food and drinking sexy-poured coffee shakes. Yes, weird, I know. I love it.

When the world has emerged once more, I’ll post for a Manc-Nobs get-together in town somewhere :).

Day 8.

Writing song:

Lizzo’s Good as Hell. Definitely will be adding more Lizzo to my music rotation! 🙂

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