Shiny celebrates some amusing wordplay, and I can only imagine being in Lin Manuel Miranda’s lounge while he was writing it!

Also, I didn’t listen to the original, because this had a dual time race, and spotify wasn’t playing along at all. Cooking pasta, while writing a blog while also listening to today’s song. Not a bad shout.

Tomorrow we may have a non-song blog because I will be taking my bike out for the first time! (Shiny! (a la Firefly – aaaah gotta plan a rewatch).


Today’s big task of the day was to clean the bathroom and kitchen until they were, well, shiny 😀 I ordered a scrubbing brush and really, it’s silly, but having a clean house really makes me happy. Things that were cleaned: kitchen surfaces, cupboards, (like, the actual cupboards), bathroom tiles and grout, and jeez, that’s a workout and a half.

This evening, we watched Marc Lottering’s online show – “alive” streamed, as one of his characters, Auntie Merl said. It’s great – a taste of Cape Town and some language that I’ve missed.

The evening’s second planned activity was supposed to be playing Torchlight III on early access, but well, the servers bombed when we tried, so some more PoE it is! Onwards, to Wraeclast!

Day 10! (Can you believe it?)

Writing song:

Peter Hollins’ acapella Shiny. Much green screen was harmed.
And then, for more excellent acapella Peter Hollins and co work, well, here’s Pirates of the Caribbean.

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