Celebrate good times, come on!

Quite a stirring cry, in days like these. Well, since lockdown began, I celebrated my birthday, Alex and I celebrated six months in the UK, and on Wednesday, my sister will be celebrating her birthday too. It’s been a weird old three months.

It’s time to come together – well, at a reasonable distance – and celebrate.

I think it’s also been weird to see the news articles reflect the large-scale gatherings over the weekend (two illegal raves in Manchester – keep it classy, Manny), and the queues for non-essential shops all over the country as we figure out how to return to this kind of more normal life, I suppose. I feel like the people standing in long queues outside Primark must have been a bit miffed when the heavens opened. It’s really been four seasons in a day today – starting warm, but drifting to thunderstorms and torrential rain. Never before have I seen downpipes on a building nopeing out of their duties. Next time, I think I’ll go out and stand in it for a few moments – at least until I’m wet to the skin. Just for the funzies.

One big thing that Alex and I are celebrating is that we have managed to find Kleine Zalze wine in the co-op across the road from us. We picked up a bottle to take to a socially distanced social occasion. We were very good, and had drinks in the garden – but MAN, I miss seeing humans in real life. Very thankful for some friends in Manchester who can make life a bit more real. Looking forward to making more friends once this is all over.

We will get there.

Day 11!

Writing song:

Kool and the Gang’s Celebration

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