Let’s hear it for the boy

My human is the best human. I mean, I suppose all wives must be biased in favour of their husbands, but I look at my human every day and go “wow… how did I get this lucky?” The man has great hair, a great butt, a charming smile, a naughty sense of humour, and the kindest heart I’ve ever seen.

My desk photo of my husband, courtesy of Anton Kruger

All you need to know about Alex is that he has lots of time for people who feel like they are outside of the system, and he will help wherever he can to make sure people have a place to feel included.

He is also one of those people who very selflessly takes on the nasty or meh jobs nobody wants, and just quietly does them, because he knows otherwise they won’t be done.

“My baby he don’t talk sweet, he ain’t got much to say”

Very much an Alex sentiment.

“Let’s hear it for the boy, let’s give the boy a hand.”

Alex is the most consistent, kind and caring person I know. I am so proud of him and all of he is accomplishing. He has spent some time figuring out what he wants to do, and is now doing it with uncompromising interest and dedication. From when I met him in the early throes of an engineering degree, to dropping out of that, rejigging himself towards animation, completing his course in that, and then working damn hard to find himself a job in his exact niche within the field, well, to say I am proud is an understatement.

What a stubborn chap I have been blessed with. Every now and again, it wouldn’t be so bad if he were a leeetle less stubborn, but hey. All I know is that he is (almost) always right, so maybe his stubbornness is not such a bad thing. Alex has a very good gut to read people and their intentions, which has saved my gullible ass on more than one occasion. A few people in my life in work (in a previous role) turned out not to be the shining beacons I thought they were, and in each case, Alex hadn’t quite known why, but didn’t trust ’em. One day I will listen to him.

His sense of ethics, what is right in the world, and his dedication to the work in front of him inspires me and keeps me going. I can’t let myself be proven the less stubborn one now, can I?

So, once again, let’s hear it for the boy!

Day 13.

Writing song:

Deniece Williams’ Let’s Hear it for the Boy

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