Some great and interesting funk to flow over my Friday evening as I sit down for my daily habit. I’m also cranking out this blog as I wait for the next league on Path of Exile to start… a whole four minutes away at time of typing.

I’ve been struggling with this weird form of writer’s block of late, that has manifested in having the ability, time and willingness to write, but being completely blank in the ideas department, for a longer, more structured piece of work.

Learning to write daily has been very good for me. I have managed to be relatively consistent with this habit, and I am intending to continue it and build it over time. The idea of Lightning blogs has done wonders not only for my writing regularity, but for the joy I’m finding it. It’s kind of satisfying to have achieved a piece of published writing once a day. And, daily writing has been easier to maintain than the three-times-per-week running training plan I worked out to get me back to half-marathon fitness by the end of August. Don’t get me wrong, I am a little in awe of the fact that I can drag my butt over 10km, when in February, I couldn’t run 4km after a 2-year break from serious running. I’m planning on getting my butt in gear for a half marathon in August by myself, and an official one at the end of September if it is still on.

Anyway, back to the issue with writing. Lots of my half-formed inklings I’m considering are swirling in the vortex of literary and cultural allusions that occur through writing and in other art – the song mentions the writing on the wall, which is so embedded in language that I surprised myself by remembering that it has biblical roots.

While I open up my game, I’ll let the thought of litfic and myth wash over me, and turn up with expectation to my keyboard tomorrow to see what happens.

Day 15:

Writing song:

Stevie Wonder’s Superstition

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