“I sit and wait. Does an angel, contemplate my fate?”

This is a definite throwback banger from being a tween and yowling along. I actually rather enjoy Robbie Williams’ take on music, particularly his old-school vibe – the tattooed Sinatra-act.

The Sunday Sads are slowly creeping over me as I sit in the lounge, with dishes undone, with the kitchen floor unmopped, the laundry unfolded, and none of my personal projects really tackled. I think Sunday Sads are much more common for me if I feel like I had an unfulfilling weekend with too much screen time. I played some Path of Exile (the new league), and did a bit of cooking. I wanted to be the Queen of Everything and the Boss of Productivity. And I watched old TV instead. Sigh. I did at least have some social time with Ben, Tim and Jamie, playing a bit of Age of Empires.

On top of that, I think I’m feeling a bit meh because I miss my family. The bits in SA and the bits in other places. There’s kind of a weirdness to moving away from your home, because you know that there’s gonna be a lot of stuff you miss. We called my mom-in-law this evening, and she mentioned that Alex’s lovely old cat is getting quite old and thin, and I’m sad that we can’t spend time with my parents-in-law and cuddle the cat. My cousin, who I am close with, had a baby earlier this year, and their daughter is now nearly five months old – I’ve never held her. She is a beautiful, smiley little girl, and when I see her, she will likely be two. (Or thereabouts). This is one of the costs of moving far away from those you love, and I feel like the housebound-ness of it all is making my perception of it a little worse. If we were able to go to exciting places or on adventures slightly further afield, I might feel better about missing out on the home life. Anyway.

Sorry for the whiny post. I’m clearly feeling a bit sorry for myself and needed to wallow a bit.

Tomorrow is a new day, and while I can’t magic the distance away, or the opportunity to go on adventures a train ride away, I can and must enjoy the week of leave I have lined up. I have a few productive plans, and I will get stuck in while Alex is at work.

I commit to the following over the next five days:

  • Actually doing some coding practice
  • Setting up my blog’s instagram
  • Finishing the next James Herriot novel I’m reading (review to come)
  • Writing a longer post
  • Creating some pin content

Fellow-bloggers (particularly those with tonnes of experience), does Pinterest play a role in getting readers to your blog? All the Pinterest posts about blogging I’ve read stress how damn important it is – but is this just a big cycle?

Day 17.

Writing song:

Robbie Williams: Angels

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