Bring it all back to you

“Don’t stop, never give up, hold your head high and reach the top”

I’ve had the wonderful benefit of being on leave for the last few days, which has meant that I can stay in bed and read until I feel like getting up, and then I can relax and generally chill or do what I want until Alex is done with work.

Which is great.

Except I suck at relaxing.

So I’ve been working on various projects, including (mostly) writing. This has been really good for me, and I’ve done some blogging, some fiction writing, and some trying to think of good ideas; it’s terrible how when you have the time and inclination to start a writing project, you basically have no ideas for it.

Today’s been a cranky day. Not because anything has gone wrong, but I feel like I’m fixin’ for a fight, possibly because it is a bit too hot for me. I know sleeping is going to be a mission. I nearly went for a dip in the canal where I saw some teenagers swimming, but didn’t want to risk the possible fine for breaking a local bylaw.

“When the world seems to get to tough, bring it all back to you”

Quite an upbeat song, though, to try to perk me up a bit. As much as I feel like I haven’t been productive today, I’ve managed to go for a 9km cycle, draft the next book review blog, write a whole 300 words of a fiction project, and watch a bit of Criminal Minds. I’ve got one episode left, so I had better finish it, and tomorrow write a reflective piece on why I hate watching the last episode of a series… I’m odd, I know.

Day 19.

Writing song:

S Club 7: Bring it all back

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