I knew I loved you

While this is a fabulous cheesy love song (and a fabulously cheesy rumba), I don’t want to write about love this evening. Instead, I want to reminisce about the time when Savage Garden was cool. And not ironically.

When I was younger, we went around to my aunt and uncle’s house often; they lived nearby, and we got on very well with our cousins. My older cousin was an incredible influence in my early life – she dealt very well with her annoying little cousins begging her to play. She taught us excellent dance moves like the macarena in her living room; we also choreographed excellent dances to less-conventional pieces, like Westlife’s I wanna grow old with you; and maybe taught us a few unsavoury songs two… but hey.

We watched the whole of season 3 of friends in the course of one day over a summer holiday with our cousins from England. We took occasional breaks to jump in the pool. My cousin also had some goldfish, and she used to get us to help her clean the fishtank. We made hours and hours worth of magic potions with plants and flowers ripped up from her mom’s garden. She also spent hours playing on-on/tag/it around the garden, and swinging in the hammock.

Aside from this, she helped us cook some very dubious creations, including ‘ice-cream’, except we didn’t have any cream, so we made it into a cake instead by adding flour, and, well… the family’s two ravenous pointers were not even interested in it.

Many years later, my sister and I were two of her bridesmaids, and it was lovely. Thanks, cuz, for the many hours of fun you had for your weird little cousins. Some lovely 90s/noughties nostalgia.

Day 21.

Writing song:

Savage Garden’s I knew I loved you

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