I’m on my way

“I said I’m on my way”

It’s been a funny day, because here I am, after my frist day back at work after leave, during which I was planning to do lots of things (like my damn programming pset), and quite a lot of writing. I did some of the things on my epic list from this post. I made my blog’s instagram, I finished the book I was reading, and wrote a longer, book-review blog about the James Herriot books. Man, I love them. More book reviews to come, because I’ve finished another two books too. I did bugger-all on my pset, but I paid for a certificate, so I’d better get it done over the next six months.

I was planning to do more substantial writing, and by that, I mean writing in the same direction over time (rather than bitty blogs or infrequent longer pieces). But I didn’t. I just didn’t have any ideas with legs. Lots of fun amuse-bouche ideas, but nothing with a considerable storyline I could settle into.

So, imagine my surprise, when I sat down after supper today to watch Jumanji 2 with Alex as our evening’s entertainment, I had a flipping idea for my book.


Go me!

Now I’ve gotta do some prep work and get sketching, but I should actually have something that I can start (slowly but surely) drafting into a messy draft zero novel.

“I said I’m on my way”

This was what I was after – having a writing project I can get my teeth into. It will quite likely be ultimately crap. But I won’t care. I will have a novel, dammit.

Day 23.

Writing song:

I’m On My Way by Rich Price

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