Right back where we started from

We gotta get right back to where we started from

It’s gonna be weird to get back to a semblance of the life we used to know. There hasn’t really been a time of living in the UK where Alex and I both went off to work and came home. His first week of work was also the week before lockdown, so basically, we have never both left for the day. We have had a delightful three months of working together in our flat, and I really love that.

I have been feeling a bit down today, a bit meh and uninspired by my local corner, so very local that I feel like I know it over-well. In the sort of ‘familiarity breeds contempt’ way.

I miss taking the tram into town, listening to the tram lady saying that the next stop was Deansgate-Castlefield, getting off at St Peter’s and loving the look of the big library that I never really took advantage of, having a pint at some sticky-tabled establishment (mostly spoons in town, not gonna lie).

I miss that stuff.

I know that various people I’m close to are relaxing more and more, but I don’t know if I’m there just yet. I’m just a bit scared, and skeptical of all the other people and their handwashing.

"Ooh, and it's alright and it's coming along, 
We gotta get right back to where we started from, 
Love is good, love can be strong 
We gotta get right back to where we started from."

So I guess at some point I’ve gotta get brave.

Day 24.

Writing song:

Maxine Nightingale’s Right Back Where We Started From

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