I’ve been thinking a lot recently about how much has changed in the course of a year. This time last year, I was nearing my last day in my old job, before taking some leave to get married, and then move overseas to take up a new job in the UK, in a city I had never visited.

I had previously only ever lived in Cape Town.

I was quite scared of the changes.

It has been tough, especially considering the big heavy flooomf that grounded all flights bringing my parents here, or bringing us to them.

Yes, I’m missing Cape Town a bit, with its streets and people and sunsets and food that you can’t really find anywhere else. Would I murder a packet of Mrs Balls chips, and/or niknaks, and a baggie of those epic samosas from the shop on Ndabeni circle.

Missing my family quite a lot too. My bonus family (boring people call these relations of mine ‘in-laws’) have been posting photos of their cats on our group – and I wanna give them all (people and cats) cuddles.

Changes over the past year: no car (boo!); both have jobs doing things we really like (yay!); few people we know nearby (boo!); really getting to spend lots of time together (yay!); new bike (yay!); clarity about what I want to be when I’m big (shocker, she’s writing again).

Day 26,

Writing song:

Butterfly Boucher and David Bowie: Changes

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