PoP! goes my heart!

Ah,another cheesy soundtrack from another Hugh Grant rom-com; and by no means, his best one.

It does however, contain the epic line: “I googled you, and you are good!” in his most peculiarly English upper-class inflection. This has become a standard pronunciation of the verb “to google” in my family – to the extent that my dad knows the quote, but probably couldn’t link it to a movie or actor.

This is a delightful ‘depeche mode-eque’ 80s throwback is one of the core songs in the film, though it’s not the music and lyrics of the title. That’s called “Way back into Love” which I had to google. I don’t think it was memorably good, though.

“I said I wasn’t gonna lose my head, but then PoP goes my heart!”

The movie, as I remember it from over 10 years ago, is about Drew Barrymore, a young writer and Hugh Grant, a washed up musician who can’t quite let go of his glory days in the 80s. As I said, it’s not his best; I know that Love Actually must come second to Notting Hill and Four Weddings and a Funeral. We owned a copy of Music and Lyrics at one stage, but the dvd was scratched, and the climax of the film (the bit where hero Hugh is shown to not be such a bastard and all is forgiven) just didn’t work.

I’ve been thinking a bit about genre and its confines, particularly about what makes for cheesy writing, what makes for good use of convention and what is face-palm-worthy.

I’ve got a character who does a bit of time travelling, and I cannot, for the life of me figure out how to take her back nearly a century. Like, I know that’s where she needs to go, and she does unfortunately have to be a 21st century gal, but how do I get her back to 1927 without a physical time machine or something equally Doctor Who?

Any ideas welcome 😀

Day 34.

Not posting the song because I couldn’t find an original copy and I don’t wanna accidentally get sued.

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