My Way

Tomorrow is our first wedding anniversary. It’s been quite a year, all told. Including one wedding, one patch of unemployment, one agonising wait for a visa, one international move, and one global pandemic. I mean, We had some control over some of those things, but they all amounted to quite a big series of life-changes.

I look forward to a second year of marriage being full of fewer large-scale stress events. (From my mouth to God’s ear! – as the beloved characters from Fiddler on the Roof say.)

I’ve been thinking a bit about the things that we enjoy doing together, considering that for about 8 months of the past year, we have had the privilege of being less than 20 metres from each other. We love the different approach the other has to life. I am frequently thankful to Alex for the grounding effect he has on me. I think he is slightly less grateful to me for the uprooting and de-stablising effect I have on him, but in the long-term, he recognises that it’s good for him.

At the end of a year of marriage, and eight-plus years of being in each other’s personal bubbles, I can say that he inspires me, keeps me going when I feel like stopping, and is my best cheerleader.

We can play computer games, cook together and dance together – requiring communication and building our identity as a family. We are big dorks, who do food, tough conversation, collaboration and strategy.

We do it our way.

Day 38.

Writing song:

Aloe Blacc My Way. This song would make an EPIC jazz number. Who wants to choreo for me and make me plenty more flexible?

Published by Laura M.

I'm an writer living in Manchester, UK. I am an avid amateur hobbyist, including dabbling in dancing, sewing, crafting, baking, brewing, and blogging.

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