When you’re on leave and have some time to do the things you’ve been putting off for a while, isn’t funny how you often just sit on the couch watching telly? It’s like the will to do interesting things just leaves in an exhalation, more like a raspberry than a sigh – with a big serving of ‘eh, why bother?’

This song is a note to myself for tomorrow, to do something that is productive and enjoyable and that gives me energy. I don’t quite know what that looks like yet, but it probably involves some forms of self-improvement, some headspace time, some cooking, some exercise.

Tomorrow, I’m going to try to write a decent chunk of words on one of my story ideas. I’ll let you know if I reach my target.

Tomorrow, I’m going to continue the Scrivener tutorial so I know better how it works, and maybe check out some youtube tutorials.

Tomorrow, I’m going to plan out a few longer-form blogs and set myself a schedule for writing them, and put it on my trello board.

Tomorrow, I’m going to scrub the bathroom while I watch an episode of House.

Tomorrow, I’m going to put on some headspace music and meditate for a bit.

Tomorrow, I’ll ensure I get myself to a space of more energy than today has been, waiting for my GP appointment and my Tesco delivery, and not really wanting to get into anything in a big way because it feels like effort.

So, time for an early night.

Lightning blog 39. (Considering I’ve interspersed these with other writing, the day and the blog no longer match up, by quite a bit. So it makes more sense to count up in blogs than in days, not so?)

Writing song:

Gregory Porter’s Revival

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