Just one of those things

From one jazzy playlist to another! This sort of song definitely makes me want to jump back onto the dance floor at the very first opportunity I get. A gorgeous big ballroom, with round tables dotting the edge of the room. Feather boas, the men in fine suits with satin lapels and shiny patent shoes. The room might be thick with smoke, which for one reason or another, suits me fine if it is part of the period look, but I’d hate to actually be breathing it. But, you know, something’s gotta come twisting up off the cigarette holders in the gloved hands.

“A trip to the moon, on gossamer wings”

They don’t make lyrics like that anymore. I think Cole Porter and the librettists of his era definitely had an evocative flutter to their work that stands alone, certainly in the realm of popular music. This song is a Harry Connick Jr. cover of Cole Porter, and I think it’s also been covered by several others, including old blue eyes himself, Frank Sinatra. I definitely enjoy the variety of delightful croony jazz musicians that no doubt will provide me with a good soundtrack for hammering my keyboard to evoke a 20s environment and characters, getting my story out to some music that matches my vibe.

The story of the song itself also feels sort of era-appropriate – it’s an incredibly upbeat song about a romance that sizzled too quickly and then flamed out. The singer seems confident that it’s not a bad end to the story, and I suppose it might not be; better to have had the interaction that led to flying on gossamer wings. The only line I don’t love was “too hot not to cool down”, like not everything burns bright and then burns out, does it?

I’ll have to build myself a playlist and throw myself into a 20s brain space over the next few weeks – between a girl who gets swept back in time, a handsome reporter, a jazz singer, and assorted others dotted around my story. We’ll see how it unfolds.

Lightning blog number 41!

Writing song:

Harry Connick Jr. Just One Of Those Things

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