When will my life begin?

One of my favourite movies of all time is the highly underrated Tangled. It tells the story of a handsome thief, and a beautiful girl with magical hair. It doesn’t hurt Flynn/Eugene Rider’s case that I think he looks rather like my handsome husband. The movie also features a remarkably dog-like horse called Maximus and a crew of surprisingly artistically talented crooks, whose love of violence and murder is only outweighed by their dreams to be concert pianists or collect ceramic unicorns.

I really think this movie didn’t get the love it deserved – it came out shortly before Frozen, which is not nearly as good, in terms of animation or humour, or… dare I say it, music? It has one excellent song (which, again, I think was partially down to the ever-excellent Idina Menzel). Tangled has at least three. And someone in the background playing a historically accurate string instrument. And a hero who constantly skirts with the fourth wall. And a sassy chameleon.

I love it enough that my excellent crew of bridespeople sourced a Rapunzel dress for me for my hen party. And I have (thanks to I think two of those bridesmaids) little figurines of Rapunzel, Eugene and Pascal on my bookshelf.

Me and my excellent squad, who were responsible for turning me into a princess. They even freaking wrote a story in rhyme to get me to do various tasks!

This song has been basically like a lockdown anthem in the back of my head – thinking “when will my life begin?” I’m sure all of us have had the feeling of casting from one new pastime to the next. Which of the lockdown trends did you join? Did you make sourdough? Banana bread? Dalgona coffee? Did you create a TikTok? Did you start learning to dance, paint or other creative art that you hadn’t previously been interested in? Did you read a bookshelf-worth?

Did you finally start doing some writing, after years of wanting to?

Rapunzel and her darling chameleon, Pascal, fill their time with puzzles and darts and baking, painting, a bit of ballet and chess. Only got the darts and chess to cross off the list (if you are generous with your definitions of ballet to include ballroom).

The end of the song has Rapunzel musing about the world beyond her window:

“Tomorrow night, the lights will appear
Just like they do on my birthday each year.
What is it like, out there where they glow?
Now that I’m older, mother might just let me go…”

Right now, I’ll stick to indoors, but I am so looking forward to going on an adventure.

Lightning blog 42.

Writing song:


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