A good hearted woman

This song is delightful, and a good picture of the versatility of LeAnn Rimes as a singer – I also love her take on Sixteen Tonnes, which we have danced a foxtrot to many times around the Enerchi dance studio in Claremont. Much love for that situation and all it has meant to me over the years. LeAnn Rimes – she seems like a very much under-listened to artist on my playlists, and you can be sure I’ll be adding her a bit more. Maybe I’ll stick on an album or two during tomorrow’s writing session.

This song reminds me that a bit of country honky-tonk does wonders for the soul every now and again, because it puts the world in perspective quite a bit; it’s approaching timeless, which heads towards consistency, and that’s definitely welcome in an age of contradictory government advice in terms of who can go where and see who. It would be fine if the communication was clear, but as the opposition and the media have spent today pointing out, there is some contradictory information that’s come to the fore.

Thinking of the good hearted woman (on a happier note), I know none better than my mom – she is a beacon of positivity and, as we discussed with the first year lit class I taught, ‘keeping it real’. Mom is just, just, full of confidence and care for the people she helps, and she helps so many. She is always happy to listen, to be the birthday fairy (when you are a hemisphere away from your other mom, and it’s her birthday), happy to be a cheerleader or provide a needed (loving) kick in the pants.

So can I be like my mom when I grow up?

I want to keep my focus firmly on the big picture, keep my keel even, even in the strongest storms, like she does. I think I will get there one day. For now though, I’ll call her tomorrow and tell her she’s awesome.

Lightning blog 45!

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