Crazy Little Thing Called Love

This thing, called Love – I am so very glad of it, everyday. This song is an excellent jive, and my jive partner happens to be my beloved human who, when I slump on the couch after a long day, guilt-trips me into a run along a beautiful canal. Some fresh air and some endorphins did wonders for my brain space.

Following the run, I came home, opened the ol’ laptop, got on Aldi’s site and have ordered Alex his very own foldy-bike, so we can go on adventures and escape the postcode a bit. The furthest he has been from home in four months was the halfway point on our out-and-back run down the Bridgewater Canal – about 5km from home. With a bike though, we could get much further, like I managed on my biking adventure that time in June.

“Take a long ride on my [fold-up] bike” – with apologies to Queen.

We could probably manage about an hour or so out initially. That was what I managed by myself when I got a bit lost trying to get to Altrincham. We could get to Dunham Massey down the canal, or explore the other branch of it. We could cycle north and go to Heaton Park. We could cycle a little south and go to Sale Water Park. We could ride into and around the city centre, and become reacquainted with our home a little.

I’m really missing Manchester. And I know a lot of people are heading out into the world again, even here where there are starting to be stricter lockdown rules again because people can’t follow instructions to keep their distance, but it’s still making me a little anxious to be out and about. We’ve kind of developed a comfortable two-week grocery delivery routine, plus walks and online dance classes in our tiny kitchen. We’ll have to take advantage of the bikes and get back into the world a bit more, resisting the hermit-crab instinct to tuck back into our flat at the slightest sign of movement in the great wide world.

One step at a time – with a little swing in it, for the jive.

Lighting blog 46.

Writing song:

The best of the best.

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