She’s so lovely

So, today’s song is courtesy of a Guilty Pleasures playlist compiled by Spotify. It really has some bangers on it, and yesterday I went a bit mad and wrote a sneaky couple of lightning blogs to have in the bank for just in case I cannot drag myself through even a cursory sucky blog one day, but don’t wanna lose my streak. I have 2.5 blogs in the bank now, and my new rule is that if I use one, I have to write at least two to replace it. Should keep me on the straight and narrow, and should keep me writing at a reasonable rate. I only ended up with an extra few blogs because there were like, four songs in a row and I wanted to blog all of them, so I did. Some really lovely memories surfaced, and I’m sure you’ll get to read them when they get to the top of the publish pile.

Today’s song, on the other hand, has not really got much literary value (the chorus is simply ‘she’s so lovely’ over and over, I think five times – great song-writing, chaps). The tone of the song kind of reminds me of McFly, but less poppy, and with a slightly gross angle (‘I love the way you fill your clothes’ – if I heard that one right). It’s got a pretty good piano line, and is admittedly quite catchy.

I’ve recently been on a bit of a spending bender. My most recent payday featured the relocation reimbursement from my employer… eight months after we moved, and five months after I submitted all the paperwork. So at this point, it just feels like free money, and while we are scrimping and saving for a car, I had a whole bunch of stuff I had on a list for after payday. One of the things I bought was a folding bike from Aldi for Alex. Yes, Aldi sells folding bikes (sometimes). It was a SpecialBuy deal, and I cannot WAIT for it to arrive, and then we can go on adventures. All of my incredible spending was totally necessary. Totally. Ahem. While the actual spending fills me with a small amount of dread (I have been on an extreme saving mode for so long), I am super pleased with the things I’ve been putting money into, including writing courses and fun activities to do at home, considering I’m still not keen to go out into the world.

So, will I be filming our bike-unboxing session when the courier brings it? You betcha.

Then (likely after mild swearing while we assemble it – like Ikea furniture but possibly scarier) we’ll go on a lovely adventure down the Bridgewater Canal, or along the Irwell, or into the city centre, or… like… anywhere.

Lightning blog 48.

Writing song:

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