Life is a highway

Can you flipping believe that I’ve written a whole fifty of this format of blog? I can’t, not even a little bit. I was having a think about my blog stats earlier today, because today also is the marker of two months of consistently blogging once a day. I am incredibly proud of myself for getting into this habit. Only a month-ish before it passes into the lifestyle zone – or is that at the 66-day mark? I need tor review the research. We’ll see.

Anyhow, since I began the commitment to this, I have published 65 blogs (plus the three before I started getting more dedicated). I have written over 35 000 words of blog. That’s no small quantity. I am flipping proud of that. Like sure, none of them are world-changing lyrical epics, but it’s a space I give myself to feel stuff, to think through things that are bugging me, to keep myself accountable to things that are bigger than me.

Life is a high way
I wanna ride it all night long
If you’re going my way
I wanna drive it all night long

Thinking through what I have been considering as my creative pursuits of lockdown – well, I’ve not painted a masterpiece, but I’ve written a blog a day, and for the last just over two weeks, I’ve consistently worked on my novel projects… That’s really been exciting me. It’s hard work, and I often don’t feel like it. But I set goals and mostly I meet them. This week’s one is 800 words per day. Which means that in a few minutes, I’ll press publish here and then pull up the Scrivener project. If I keep going reasonably steadily, I should reach the end of a zero draft in about two and a half months. In time to take a two week break before NaNoWriMo.

Aside from writing, other creative pursuits include that I’ve bought us a winemaking kit, which will provide some much-longed-for weekend entertainment (well, this weekend for the making, and then in two or three weeks or a little more when it is ready to drink). I’ve been exploring cooking in my instant pot, which has been fabulous. Last but not least, I bought us bikes. Though they are not necessarily creative, they allow for brainspace, which is bloody important for the creativity.

I am looking forward to doing more things that feed my creativity – and that’s a road I want to go down when it is open again. For now I read, write and bide my time. It’ll come again.

Lighting blog 50.

Writing song:

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