Project Songbird: Week 3

It’s been a delightful weekend, at the end of a pretty good week. We enjoyed some sunshine, got Alex a bike and went on a bike adventure, went on a socially distant picnic with friends in our local park, started our wine kit… and, well, I haven’t felt much like writing. I’ve been struggling with it. It’s not the end of the world, and I think it’s been because I’ve been putting a lot of pressure on it, but it feels a bit meh to be down on something that has otherwise been quite energy-giving.

Vital statistics

  • Word count: 18 689 (just shy of 22%)
  • Words this week: 6213
  • Best day: Thursday, 1143 words


Meeting my goal, which was pretty not great. I wanted to write 800 words per day. I didn’t. Friday was a total meh slump. I wrote 140 words then closed it.


I am discovering cool things about my characters as I go. The characters’ central feminism is coming out more than I had anticipated, which is somewhat pleasing, and will require a careful edit to be sure it’s not THEMATIC, just thematic.

I’ve incorporated some of my research about Manchester in the 20s. I’m looking forward to doing this more as I go.

Goals for next week

Take 2-3 days off from writing the Songbird project. If I feel like writing all the days, I should use those extra days to do some more work on my characters in prep for the Plotstormers course starting in a week or so.

Read at least one book.

Write in the daylight. This week and last, I only really got going after dark. Which bodes well for winter, I suppose, but means I’m probably not writing with my best brain.

Gif of the week

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