Learn Me Right

Brave is a delightfully atmospheric movie. I really enjoy it, and I think that while it isn’t necessarily the best in terms of its narrative structure, I like that it has a butt-kicking princess who is determined to be the master of her own fate (but ultimately learns that her family is important to her, and can guide her decisions without dictating them).

The movie is delightful because of its sweeping scenery, too. I am very excited for being able to hop in a car and explore Scotland a bit!

I’ve been sitting in an urban cave today, the blinds closed but the window open, to hopefully exclude some of the oppressive sticky heat. It’s funny, because the whole of UK twitter has been going on about ‘bring back the rain’, but you wanna bet that if it rained all summer, they’d not complain? I kind of enjoy that complaining is a national pastime here – though I want to keep up my general personality type of excitable golden retriever puppy, personally.

I like the thought of someone ‘learning you right’ as they get to know you over time – understanding the things that bring a smile to your heart, or the things that just ever so slightly get on your very last nerve but then also defusing the inevitable blow-up with some well-directed humour.

I’m off for an after-work wander; hopefully there is a breeze off the Quays that will cool me slightly, and if not, I can always set up camp in the stairwell of our building, which is pleasant and cool.

Lightning blog 53.

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