Walking on the waves

“An island in the sunlight
Laughter in the rain
A whisky in the darkness
It all feels just the same.”

What a delightful folky Scottish vibe. I must make more of a habit of bringing in a bit more folky kind of stuff into my regular rotation, because I like it a lot, and well, it always puts a big ol’ smile on my face. There’s something about a folk guitar and some strings and pipes and flutes and accordion that just feels right for the wilder parts of my heart. The bits that are determined that I would have stood on a lonely moor were I a 19th century lady.

I’ve been reflecting on the things I’ve been really enjoying about the enforced time apart; most of the things have been to do with self-discovery, and the further deepening and building of our family identity. I’ve loved the time to chat and chill with my husband at lunch – time to chat without the expectation that we should be vacuuming the house or hanging laundry. What a delightful thing, to be in someone’s presence so much, without demands to be doing something. I’ve also so enjoyed getting going with my writing, from blogs to the books. I’ve so enjoyed reading and reading and reading in a way that I’ve not done for years. I’ve got to add a book to my goodreads profile again.

There are also, naturally, definitely, things I’m looking forward to in the future; things like going out, seeing the world with new, excited eyes, that will appreciate for the first time all the things that I was only just becoming familiar with around town. I’m excited for holidays and roadtrips (you can definitely see this theme through my writing). I’m looking forward to going dancing again (yes, also quite apparent in the series of lightning blogs).

I think the lyrics from this song that the narrator has been walking the shores for his whole life, but with his beloved is walking on the waves – a good image. The basic shape of life won’t change, but the appreciation for those outside spaces and interactions will be so much richer.

Lightning blog 54.

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