Creep: Bardcore edition

So, my excellent sister-in-law sent me a very excellent bardcore song a while ago. What a wonderful genre of internet weirdness that you kind of have to just let wash over yourself, absorb, go ‘that was weird, let’s listen to more!’. I mean, I was a good target for this, considering I spent two years of my life writing arguments about fourteenth century relationship dynamics for my MA. But I like it for so much more than that it is kind of weirdly relatable and nerdy.

Part of why I like it so much, aside from the sheer brilliance of its lyrical and musical niceties that make for chuckles, and then get stuck in your head for hours, is that it represents what the internet has done. Like, if you told someone in 2004 that there would be a big video search engine onto which people would upload all manner of weird, weird videos, and they would get millions (yes, millions) of views, that someone might think you were crazy. I mean, back in 2004 was before youtube even debuted, and the internet as we use it today was but a twinkle in O’Reilly’s and Dougherty’s eyes.

The sheer accessibility of content online has meant that people can make what makes them happy, and there will undoubtedly be several people who will find the products of their labour, and slavishly follow them.

I find this incredibly comforting.

I recognise the hellish skill in these bardcore tunes, and I know it must take Hildegard von Blingin’ (yes, really) much skill and time to analyse and redraft the lyrics and orchestrate, record and edit the songs, and I don’t want to cast any nasturtiums (a phrase borrowed from a friend) on the importance of well-made content.

But also, like, it’s pretty niche. Like, who would have thought that there would be a whole raft of people like me who are medieval fanciers or maybe renaissance nerds, who also appreciate musical trickery and riffing on pop music? Hildegard von Blingin’, that’s who.

And, if she’s got herself going, got a following and is having fun with her craft, then I can too. And if I only ever have a niche following of people I can press-gang into reading my books ahem close friends and family, then that’s all I really need. Hopefully, I’ll end up with my very own corner of nerds on the interwebs who think the same sort of stuff is cool as I do. Then we can all geek out together.

I mean, what else is the internet for?

Lightning blog 56.

Writing song:

It’s Bardcore. Bask in the brilliance.

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