A horse with no name

I’m really looking forward to going on an adventure. I officially felt incredibly cooped yesterday. I’ve been going through waves of coping better and then worse by turn. I am sure I am not the only one, and this turns into a bit of a maudlin reflection on being a badly-behaved little moaner, so if it’s not what you need right now, please click away.

The song’s weird, and not exactly upbeat. I feel like it’s musically similar to “Ex’s & Oh’s” by Elle King, or rather that the later song is similar to it.

Anyway, I’ve been a bit down about the challenges of being stuck at home, even though I have a lovely home, and share it with a lovely human. I’ve just got a feeling of needing to go on an adventure, and expand my horizon a bit. I’ve been holding very fast to the idea of getting a car, and soon, because it will give us so much more space we can go and see, even if we aren’t ready to go into a pub or anything.

In that direction, I’m going to plan a cycle adventure on my bike (that has a name) for this weekend or sometime soon, and I’m going to cycle through to town, or down to Chorlton to the library, or maybe down the Salford arm of the Bridgewater Canal. Or maybe even up to the University to have a look at work from the banks of the River Irwell, and visit the beautiful space of Peel Park.

I should be thankful for this time that I’ve got at the moment, and the lack of adventures. Yesterday, between having strop about one thing (the dishes) and another (disagreeing over workout music – yes, I was a real nightmare yesterday), I managed to get a sizeable chunk of writing done, and do some of my plotting course. I’m really looking forward to making some writerly friends through it 🙂

Other achievements for the week: got a Tesco delivery (which is the delivery bloke’s achievement), but it contained some cheapish wine that I don’t feel like I have to hang onto for a special occasion. I can just decide to have some wine because I feel like it. I’m sure all the South Africans must be really chuffed that they can now too. Other achievement: scrubbed the ceiling of the bathroom with some magic cleaning stuff, and it is now mostly spotless and shining and smelling like bleach. Gotta celebrate the little things, if you don’t see any big things to celebrate on the horizon.

Goal for the day: Milne, you gotta keep yourself going with a burst of endorphins in the form of exercise, and then, well, probably congratulate yourself with a biscuit.

Lightning blog 57.

Writing song:

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