Project Songbird: Week 5

This has been a week of doing lots of things that weren’t writing my novel, including an online course, reading, doing some editing work, and maintaining some reasonable exercise habits. So I almost didn’t post today, because it almost isn’t worth the update, but I thought I would anyway, just to keep my wordpress streak going for a little bit longer (yes, yes, the wordpress streak has my soul, I know, and it’s not even a reasonable obsessive tendency). In 3 days’ time, I’ll reach 80 days of my streak, and thereafter, will stop posting daily and focus on the main thing a bit more. It will be a relief – I think to me and to the few people who regularly read the blogs.

Vital statistics

  • Word count: 24973 (29%)
  • Words this week: 2134 (see? barely anything)
  • Best day: Monday, with the vast bulk of that. Basically the only day I did much/any novelling.


I got very stuck in getting to my 25% plot point. I wrote and wrote and wrote and wrote, and it just kept getting wordier without getting there. I eventually sketched some ‘must happen’ bits and carried on.


I’m enjoying the plotstormers course? Does that even count, because I’m working on a different novel with it? I’m using plotstormers to plan my NaNoWriMo effort, so when November comes along, I can churn out the goods at a cracking pace.

Win this week was breaking into Act 2 of the novel, even if I did it kicking and screaming. From tomorrow, I will start interspersing the Plotstormers thinking with some initial crime scene investigations. Exciting, and a bit scary.

Second win: realising (and being told by a very good external sounding board) that my daily posts had proved their point, and I needed to move on with the more substantive writing instead of faffing just to maintain a streak.

Goals for next week

Write at least 4000 words of (this) novel by next Sunday, and stay up to speed with the course.

Gif of the week

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