Project Songbird: It’s been a while…

So, it has really been a while… At least on the novel front. I’ve been better with my book reviews, but it’s been difficult to write over the past few weeks. Since I last did a book update, we have bought a car, been going on adventures, and I’ve been getting stuck into work in a big way. All of this has been very positive. Our car adventures have included going to visit some green spaces just out of the city that have filled me with joy, and going to choose my own lettuce from Tesco, which has filled me with a sense of self-sufficiency and independence from online grocery delivery slots.

But all in all, it has meant that my novelling has been languishing, undone, on my harddrive.

Never fear! Here comes the series reboot… the chance to get going again and build up some good habits once more, after having been a slacker and a layabout.

Vital statistics

  • Word count: 30315 (35%)
  • Words since last update: 5342 (eep. Like, a month.)
  • Best day: well, not really had a best day.


I took a bit of a needed break, but then have been struggling to pick up my story again. I have seen on several writing-people forum posts that there is sometimes a bit of a weird 30 000 word mark at which no matter how much you seem to write, the plot struggles to advance. I think I unfortunately hit that trough at the same time as my break, so getting back my early momentum has felt more like a chore than I was hoping. Anyway, here’s committing publicly to it once more. I also think that work picking up (which I’m very thankful for) has meant that I have less energy to spend on my after-hours creative space. I had to look myself in the mirror and honestly address with myself that attempting to participate in NaNoWriMo this year would probably not be an option. I have 2 courses I need to complete by the end of the year and it is already October. There is always next year. 🙂


Well, small win number one: I’ve novelled more than once this week. Small win number two is that I’ve posted an update and set a goal for the week to come. Small wins, but they can build up over time.

Goals for next week

Write at least 4000 words of this novel by next Sunday. Build up a bit of a habit again.

Gif of the week

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