Project Songbird: Two weeks in a row!

Despite the fact that I’ve done a lot of sitting on my butt watching mindless telly this weekend (okay, not totally mindless, and also I’ve done some exploring), I’m pretty pleased with the fact that I’m posting an update today. It’s not great, but it’s something. I feel like even if I make embarrassingly little progress week to week, that doesn’t matter, as long as it’s kind of heading in a direction.

Vital statistics

  • Word count: 32797 (wow! 38.6% – like, honestly, halfway is getting closer. Kophou, Milne!)
  • Words this week: 2487.
  • Best day: Tuesday, by far. 1532 words. Go me!


Complete lack of motivation. Like, not with writing, but with like, life. (Yes, with all the teenage-sounding apathy that can be brought out in using two ‘like’s in one sentence). I feel like all this *gestures wildly with arms* has been a bit much for me recently. I feel a bit like I’m holding my breath to find out what new restrictions/hoops we’ll have to jump through in the North, and refreshing the news sites hasn’t been great for my mental health. Been a bit of a sucky week. There’s just this sense of combative north-south UK politics going on, and feeling stuck because of people who just don’t seem to care that there’s a bloody pandemic on (we went for a walk yesterday – several groups of 12+ people… aka at least twice the limit for “the rule of six” – and because of this, I can’t see my family? Feels tough).

I think I’m also being a bit avoidant of writing, because it’s not always super easy, and I should just try do it without listening to my inner critic who keeps telling me what a total pain in the arse this first draft is gonna be to edit. I know (in the sensible part of my brain) that that’s the whole damn point – you can’t expect excellence on your first run at a task. But the brain-critic-idiot-voice is often loud and it’s easy to listen to her saying “ugh, why bother tonight? It’ll just be crappy and you’ll have to rewrite. Tomorrow you’ll be in a better mindframe for creativity.” (The sneaky part about that inner critic voice is that she’ll say the same thing the next night, and suddenly another week has zoomed past).


I wrote more than 1500 words on one of the days, even though I had other days that I didn’t manage to write at all.

I am back to updating my blog at least twice a week. Little progress, but progress.

Goals for next week

So, I didn’t meet my 4000 word goal last week, so I’m going to pitch this week’s goal a little lower. (Be kind to yourself and all that). 3000 words of novel. But, I’ll also commit to writing half of my portfolio for this thing I have to do for work, so that at least is some writing, even if it is not novel-words.

Gif of the week

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