Project Songbird: past the midpoint!

At looooong last, here’s an update on my progress for my novel-writing. I spent a while working on a project to get me back into the process of writing more regularly, and here are the results…. in a somewhat different format to usual:

I adapted my mom’s philosophy that after a break from running, it takes about 7 runs before you get back into the flow, and can go for a run without feeling gross and cement-in-the-legs. So, I set myself the challenge of writing seven sessions over a two-week period, to give myself off days and be realistic about that whole work-writing-life balance.

It worked!

I planned from where I was all the way to the end, and I’ve now written up to the mid-point and beyond the theoretical word-count mid-point.

I’ve also learned some valuable things about writing scripts for videos, filming myself, editing the videos, and doing Youtubey-related stuff, and a blog rebrand away from the candyfloss pink to the somewhat more ‘me’ mint green theme. Admittedly, all of this this did delay the process for actually getting this blog out, and has contributed somewhat to the ‘distracting self from writing with other forms of creative endeavour’. And erm… I did this writing experiment at the end of January and the beginning of February. So like, maybe I need to do another one to get myself going again-again? I’ve got another one planned, and some leave from the day-job coming up, so I’ll see what I can do.

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