February book digest

It’s sometimes difficult to balance the work, the life, the words in, the words out, the oh-my-gosh-new-hobby, the all the things. I’m going through a phase where I really am enjoying work-work (as opposed to fun-work or one of the courses or things I’m learning). Even though I’m loving it, and loving that I feel like I’m making a difference, when I’m so absorbed in it, I get to the end of the day and I’m just done, no brain left, and I have to sit on the couch and be a tiny potato. That means that I get behind on things I mean to do, that I want to do… so here you have my February book wrap, just past half-way through March.

Trying to balance the words-in-words-out!

Books finished in February include:

  • Piranesi – by Susanna Clark
  • The Essex Serpent – by Sarah Perry
  • The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and the Horse – by Charlie Mackesy
  • Excellent Women – by Barbara Pym
  • Relish – by Lucy Knisley

This takes me up to 10 books in 2021 by the end of February, so well on track for my Goodreads target of 50 books over a year.

Currently reading: Warriors of Alavna (YA reread from when I was… 12?), Shadow of Night (because sometimes trashy supernatural romance is what’s needed), Keeper of Lost Things (Audible) and Assassin’s Apprentice (reread from when I was… 17?).

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