Not boxed or tinsel-sparkling
I give you– giving!

Generosity, wrapped in tissue paper
Not just the things and trappings of Christmas, but

The gift of twenty minutes writing cards and letters,
mailing gifts as far off hugs
Love from away.

I give you myself,
My practiced hands peeling onions, garlic,
putting together a feast
diced love and carrots, stirred and simmered for hours

Take it, then hug me!
As much of myself I give to you,
I receive you from you, your gift back to me.

Time, care, and washing the plates,
The unromantic necessary tasks
out of sight, but quietly done by you.
Checking the door, making the tea,
Turning the Christmas lights off before bed.

I’ve started trying to read more poetry, and as I do, I find I write more too.

Today’s poem came from reading Carol Anne Duffy’s “Valentine”, inspiring me to write a seasonal poem not focusing on expected things. She wrote about about that unexpected symbol of love, the onion. Lots of layers there.

Between that inspiration and Wendy Cope’s “Bloody Christmas”, I found some words that were meaningful to me, but possibly less pithy.

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