An ode to movies that don’t take themselves too seriously

There’s a certain type of movie best watched with some sort of junk food, on a Friday or Saturday evening, with full enjoyment of the total absence of any sort of Improving Message ™ or Serious Storyline.

I started this blog post one evening having enjoyed the riot of ridiculous enjoyment that is Jumanji – whatever the more recent ones are, with the computer game; they take themselves just the right amount of ridiculous/seriously that they work and are engaging and, let’s face it, really well written, even if they are just like, not the art of the decade.

Same thing with that never ending franchise, something fast and something furious, or as it’s called in our house, F*** Physics (1-9). If they don’t have “Fast-ten your seatbelts” as the tag line for next year’s edition, I will be very disappointed.

I don’t get the same joy from the endless run of superheroes doing lycra/leather-clad stunts being all muscley and deep about the state of the world. My favourite from the whole MCU vibe are the Guardians of the Galaxy movies, followed shortly by that Thor movie that’s on all the drugs.

I don’t get the same joy from the nerd epics, but I will still watch them all, movie after movie, so I don’t have the nerd police on my case to return my nerd card. Some of them are good. Some of them are okay, provided I’m allowed to do my knitting at the same time.

This weekend, we watched a great one: The Lost City. Sandra Bullock stars as an erotic novelist dragged by her agent to book tours, where she gets sidelined because the fans only want to ask the sexy cover model (Channing Tatum) questions. Until… she gets kidnapped by unhinged billionare, Daniel Radcliffe, and taken to an island where she needs to solve a mystery that’s got its roots in one of her books. The story isn’t super strong, but there is lots of action and a sparkly sequinned jumpsuit.

Lots of fun. Highly recommend.

It’s full of writerly humour, and quite a few knob gags.

Go forth, watch the fun movie, and enjoy. Life’s too short not to.

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