NaNoWriMo 2022: Week 1

What’s this NaNoWriMo nonsense that seems to have invaded my life recently? Well, as I mentioned in a brief post yesterday, I’m participating in National Novel Writing Month, during which I (and several thousands of other people) attempt to write 50000 words of a first draft between 1 November and 30 November. This is the end of week one, and so far, I’ve made it to the doc every day.

But Lau, what’s the project? I’ll tell you, I’ll tell you, gimme a minute.

Project info so far

  • Working title: A Person of Value
  • Genre: fantasy (urban fantasy? Do I even know what that is? A non-electrified society, but with some elements of modernity like trams and cappucinos?)
  • Vibe: Encanto X The Communist Manifesto

NaNo Stats

Am I on track? Currently, yes. There’s going to be a day or two this month that’s definitely going to be tough, so I’m working ahead as far as possible. I’ve reached over halfway on my original Half-Volume Nano, so on my way to the 50k. I’ve got a plan, I’m in the best possible position for it this year.

I’m pretty proud so far. Sitting slightly north of 14k as of this evening. And, what’s better, is that I’m really loving the writing.


  1. Wow, that’s a significant output, even for NaNo, so congrats for blasting through the start. It’s awesome that you’re enjoying it too, because most times, writing feels like grinding stones to find water to me. Have fun with the coming weeks!


    1. Laura M. says:

      Thanks so much, Stuart!


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