NaNoWriMo 2022: Week 2

It’s the end of week 2 of NaNoWriMo 2022! I feel like in previous years I watched a lot of authortubers do daily vlogs; either my YouTube homepage has shifted a bit (likely), or/and I’ve been too busy writing to be wabbing on YouTube. For the uninitiated of you, “wabbing” is Work-Avoidance-Behaviour-ing, like scrolling instagram for hours, writing a blog (hemhem), or watching what seems like the inevitable fiery death of twitter. Or cleaning the house. The wabbing got bad this weekend, but at least we vacuumed under the sofa and behind the bed.

NaNo stats: week 2 takes its toll

Not gonna lie, my enthusiasm for the daily grind seemed to take a total nosedive in week 2. After a really epic weekend last week, I’ve been making it to the daily total, but not zooming past it. I’m not feeling stuck or grumpy with the story just yet, but based on how long this initial bit is taking to get going, I’m definitely going to be doing a major edit, and possibly pushing and pulling some plot points around to make the pacing better. Nobody needs to read the amount of backstory that’s going into this draft. Good job I’m definitely writing a SFD.

One thing I’m super pleased with is that earlier this evening, I passed my theoretical “half-volume” NaNo I told myself was my goal. In my session earlier this evening, I hit 26,000 words. Now, I’ll either dig in and get more stubborn about reaching the 50K, or, you know, take some dopamine from trying. (Mental Health-wise, it’s great and also very rude how much better doing a bit of writing every day makes me feel. Like the whole exercise, healthy eating and clean house malarky – a con that is not a con at all. Rude that all the features of a well-adjusted adult life seem to, you know, improve my mood and reduce my anxiety.)

I think some of the feeling of getting slower/less gleeful is getting to the hard work bits, but also the inevitable imbalance between words into my brain/words out of my brain. Need some sort of osmotic can-read-while-I’m-asleep device to keep me fueled and inspired. Anyway, will let ol’ Bon Jovi sing it for me while I keep pouring words out: “Woooooahhhh we’re halfway there, whoooah, livin’ on a prayer!”


This has been the main casualty of the process. I bought a lovely new notebook just for NaNo-ing in, mostly for planning and tracking and brain-dumping purposes, but aside from doing all the layout and prep, I’ve not really used it. I’ve coloured in each day’s block when I’ve done the words, but…

Maybe it will come in handy when I get to the edit.

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