Sometimes, writing just isn’t interesting

One of the things I have learned from previous paid writing gigs is that sometimes, it is just not interesting. Sometimes, it is like pulling nails. Or, if you want a less gruesome metaphor, like trying to thread a needle with black thread in the dark. Or maybe it’s like folding the laundry, and thenContinue reading “Sometimes, writing just isn’t interesting”

Project Songbird: a start

Over the course of the last nearly two months, I have scratched out a little over 25 000 words of blog. It has been immensely satisfying to keep writing daily, and to maintain my unbroken streak as yet. At some point, I’m going to have to symbolically end my streak. Obviously. Today I’m starting aContinue reading “Project Songbird: a start”

Poem: Geek Benediction

Today is our first wedding anniversary. In our first year of married life, Alex and I have navigated a few months of unemployment, visa anxiety, an international move, getting used to a new life overseas and a global pandemic… just to start us off. A year ago, my speech at our wedding ended with theContinue reading “Poem: Geek Benediction”

Flash fiction: Rage against the Roller-coaster

Following yesterday’s post on Masterchef challenges reimagined as writing challenges, one of my friends gave me the following challenge: Mystery Box Challenge for you…Flash fiction: 400 wordsNarration: First person, 25 year-old maleSetting: A theme parkTheme: AngerMust also include a symbol of some sort Rage against the Roller-coaster The little girl in the line in frontContinue reading “Flash fiction: Rage against the Roller-coaster”