November Poetry – Week 1

First Today’s the day that we celebrate youThe special man who you’ve grown to beI’ve never known you to blossom like this under all the attention Maybe this weird year’s been differentAnd you’re leaning into it because of the distance that you’ve never had between you and loved ones, while celebrating,before. I hope, my loveYouContinue reading “November Poetry – Week 1”

Poem: Geek Benediction

Today is our first wedding anniversary. In our first year of married life, Alex and I have navigated a few months of unemployment, visa anxiety, an international move, getting used to a new life overseas and a global pandemic… just to start us off. A year ago, my speech at our wedding ended with theContinue reading “Poem: Geek Benediction”

Flash fiction: Rage against the Roller-coaster

Following yesterday’s post on Masterchef challenges reimagined as writing challenges, one of my friends gave me the following challenge: Mystery Box Challenge for you…Flash fiction: 400 wordsNarration: First person, 25 year-old maleSetting: A theme parkTheme: AngerMust also include a symbol of some sort Rage against the Roller-coaster The little girl in the line in frontContinue reading “Flash fiction: Rage against the Roller-coaster”

Flash fiction: Different vs Same

We’re totally different. The thought rose in the general’s mind as he surveyed the barricade ahead of them. Grim faces, good discipline. Sad eyes though. They were hoping it would not come to this. All they want is the destruction of my people. These soldiers were mostly young men, drafted into the national effort, toContinue reading “Flash fiction: Different vs Same”