New year, setting goals and being better

I know that this time of year usually contains two kinds of posts – the first listing all the ways we should work on being better in the year to come, and often featuring close attention to our bodies and their function; the second is a meta-article about setting new year’s resolutions and why theyContinue reading “New year, setting goals and being better”

I should really know by now

Well, it’s been an interesting few months. Sorry that I’ve been so absent. When I was writing daily, I was really happy and enjoying it so much. I miss the practice of it, even if it’s not all publishable even in a low-stakes way. I found November really tough. It was tough because we wentContinue reading “I should really know by now”

Project Songbird: Week 4

So I’ve been writing this for a little over a month, including various notes scribbled in notebooks, plot points scoped out in MS Excel, and the Scrivener project I wrote on the trial for twenty-something days before coughing up for the full version. This week, my aim was to keep it ticking over, but takeContinue reading “Project Songbird: Week 4”

Project Songbird: Week 3

It’s been a delightful weekend, at the end of a pretty good week. We enjoyed some sunshine, got Alex a bike and went on a bike adventure, went on a socially distant picnic with friends in our local park, started our wine kit… and, well, I haven’t felt much like writing. I’ve been struggling withContinue reading “Project Songbird: Week 3”

Project Songbird: Week 2

Week two of working on Project Songbird in a serious and methodical way went reasonably well. I feel like getting into this practice now will get me writing-fit (like fighting-fit, geddit?) for NaNoWriMo, coming up in November. The thought of averaging about 1667 words a day for 30 days is still pretty daunting, so IContinue reading “Project Songbird: Week 2”