Radar Love

I think this was voted one of the best ever driving songs on the very scientific poll on Top Gear once, and I totally see why. It conjours some delicious connotations of driving off into the distance, especially framing driving as part of the joy – we want to enjoy not only the destination, butContinue reading “Radar Love”


“I sit and wait. Does an angel, contemplate my fate?” This is a definite throwback banger from being a tween and yowling along. I actually rather enjoy Robbie Williams’ take on music, particularly his old-school vibe – the tattooed Sinatra-act. The Sunday Sads are slowly creeping over me as I sit in the lounge, withContinue reading “Angels”

Let’s hear it for the boy

My human is the best human. I mean, I suppose all wives must be biased in favour of their husbands, but I look at my human every day and go “wow… how did I get this lucky?” The man has great hair, a great butt, a charming smile, a naughty sense of humour, and theContinue reading “Let’s hear it for the boy”

Danger Zone

I made possibly the tastiest-I’ve-managed-so-far fried rice this evening for supper. It’s kind of one of those dishes that I know should be easy, but there is a lot to be said for consistent practice and watching the experts. Since the start of Lockdown, I’ve watched a whole lot of Bon Appetit (particularly Gourmet Makes,Continue reading “Danger Zone”

Fight Song/Amazing Grace

It’s a Sundayish sort of feeling, sitting on the couch in the lounge and watching the last rays of sun creeping over the edge of the cloud as the sun sets. Thinking about the weekend that has passed, and the week that lies ahead. One of my favourite mash-ups of all time, by one ofContinue reading “Fight Song/Amazing Grace”