Perfect to Me

My sister is one of the best humans I know. She is kind, generous and caring, and has dealt with some challenging situations over the years, including a community service year for her degree, living in a run-down, cockroach-infested block of flats. (Later, I took over a toaster from her kitchen… complete with a smallContinue reading “Perfect to Me”


Some great and interesting funk to flow over my Friday evening as I sit down for my daily habit. I’m also cranking out this blog as I wait for the next league on Path of Exile to start… a whole four minutes away at time of typing. I’ve been struggling with this weird form ofContinue reading “Superstition”

Dance with me tonight

Lades and gentlemen, we’ve got a special treat for you tonight… I do have a lot of wonderful upbeat jives I keep finding on this list, and well, I’m missing my dancing, so it’s giving me a chance to think through hip action, foot action, turns and balance. And partnering. Jive is a lot ofContinue reading “Dance with me tonight”

Let’s hear it for the boy

My human is the best human. I mean, I suppose all wives must be biased in favour of their husbands, but I look at my human every day and go “wow… how did I get this lucky?” The man has great hair, a great butt, a charming smile, a naughty sense of humour, and theContinue reading “Let’s hear it for the boy”

It’s Raining Men

“Hi, we’re your weather girls, and we’ve got news for you!” “Humidity is rising, barometer’s getting low” “It’s raining men! Hallelujah, it’s raining men, AMEN!” When I heard the opening chords of this one, and I just laughed and laughed. Not because it has or hasn’t been raining men, but just because it has beenContinue reading “It’s Raining Men”


Celebrate good times, come on! Quite a stirring cry, in days like these. Well, since lockdown began, I celebrated my birthday, Alex and I celebrated six months in the UK, and on Wednesday, my sister will be celebrating her birthday too. It’s been a weird old three months. It’s time to come together – well,Continue reading “Celebration”

Modern Love

“I know when to go out, I know when to stay in”. Ah Bowie! At the moment, we don’t really have a choice, do we? I’m alternating between being okay with being safe and being really sick of it. I sometimes just wanna go for outings, you know? And not to the same 5km patchContinue reading “Modern Love”

Pencil full of Lead

What a joyful song this is – a celebration of being content with the things you have and enjoying them and the things they enable you to do. I remember being introduced to this song by one of my friends, who at one stage was also one of my housemates. There is a lot toContinue reading “Pencil full of Lead”