New year, setting goals and being better

I know that this time of year usually contains two kinds of posts – the first listing all the ways we should work on being better in the year to come, and often featuring close attention to our bodies and their function; the second is a meta-article about setting new year’s resolutions and why theyContinue reading “New year, setting goals and being better”

I should really know by now

Well, it’s been an interesting few months. Sorry that I’ve been so absent. When I was writing daily, I was really happy and enjoying it so much. I miss the practice of it, even if it’s not all publishable even in a low-stakes way. I found November really tough. It was tough because we wentContinue reading “I should really know by now”

Project Songbird: Two weeks in a row!

Despite the fact that I’ve done a lot of sitting on my butt watching mindless telly this weekend (okay, not totally mindless, and also I’ve done some exploring), I’m pretty pleased with the fact that I’m posting an update today. It’s not great, but it’s something. I feel like even if I make embarrassingly littleContinue reading “Project Songbird: Two weeks in a row!”

Project Songbird: Week 3

It’s been a delightful weekend, at the end of a pretty good week. We enjoyed some sunshine, got Alex a bike and went on a bike adventure, went on a socially distant picnic with friends in our local park, started our wine kit… and, well, I haven’t felt much like writing. I’ve been struggling withContinue reading “Project Songbird: Week 3”