Project Songbird: jumpstarting the car

Friends, Romans, countrypeople, I know full well that I’ve been here before. And you’ve been here before. But that’s okay. It’s a weird old year and a weird old world, and I don’t have much else to do than sit at home and enjoy the hobbies I’ve been accumulating. Lots of these hobbies involve a lot of internet searching for how to do a thing, without actually making any real moves closer to doing the thing. Current example is that I’ve decided I’d like to make a late Victorian fantail skirt (1890s-ish), and a matching shirtwaist (fancy word for history-blouse). Just coz. So while watching various things on TV, I’ve been looking at patterns and debating whether I am grown-up enough to own a woollen skirt. (Spoilers, when I realised that it would need to be dry clean only, I realised I am not grown-up enough, and will likely never be).

So what have I been partially procrastinating from doing, but like, less so than I anticipated? Well, the title kinda gives it away now, doesn’t it?

That’s right! The book is back!

I’ve done three chunks of writing, and one of planning, so I stop avoiding the ending. Basically, because I hadn’t figured out where it was going, I was working myself up about sitting down to write because it was a problem that needed solving, and all of the other problems of life were better/easier to solve.

Progress to date:

For reasons that I hope to make clear in a week or two (another creative tack for me, but more related to the blog and book than my sudden desire for historical-inspired everyday wear, and apologies for being as vague as a 2008 facebook status), I don’t want to give out all the stats just yet, but the good news is I’m getting a bit more regular with my writing, and I’ve found a format that seems to pull it out of me better than if I just sat and looked at the screen, hoping for inspiration to strike.

I’ve had to dig in the archives a bit for my previous word count I’d published (11 October 2020), and it was 32 797 words.

As of this evening, I’ve got to 40 927 words. So close to halfway (nominally 42 500 words) I can taste it.

Sometimes, when slow and steady isn’t steady, all you’ve gotta do is whip yourself up into a gamified flurry, try to outwrite yourself, and settle for a moderate amount of drivel that you’ll have to rebuild in the future. I’ve never done a piece of writing that I’m proud of that didn’t go through at least three full revisions, and right now, all I need is for it to exist.

Back to my sprints, and I’ll give you some more feedback soon, lovelies!

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