New York Girls

It’s Friday! There is frosty-cold beer in my glass, and pizza in the oven.

It’s a good time to be alive!

I’ve found another foot-stomping folky jig, complete with some strings and group chorus. The weather has finally cooled down to a more moderate, British take on summer – no longer quite as sweltering, but still warm and pleasant. After work, we enjoyed a wander down to the quays, with a gentle breeze coming off the water as we did our frequent loop. I think we’ve walked all but one day this week, which is good because we’ve not been doing our other exercise. After a week of being nearly too hot to move, it’s getting better.

I’m glad it is the weekend, because I intend to do lots of lazing about, and a moderate bit of reading and writing. I’ve not been as good as I was over the past two weeks in terms of getting my word count up on the Songbird, but I’ll put in a couple of hours over the next two days to make it up. I’ve also been reading so I can bring you a few more book reviews.

We have been planning to look at a car at some point, so we might do that, or alternatively go into town and try to find a socially distanced cup of coffee. It’s difficult to know how to be safe, especially in a city that once again has relatively high virus stats. All the pubs and stuff remain open, but I don’t really want to leave my health in the hands of non-compliant mask wearing. Maybe we should cycle down to Chorlton instead – see a different part of town, a different way?

I’ll leave it til tomorrow to decide. Plenty of time then. 🙂

Lightning blog 55.

Writing song:

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