I’ll Find You

I’ll find you – jut hold on and I’ll find you.

It’s been a difficult time for mental health, and that didn’t start with lockdown, but lockdown and things like social justice movements that take over the interwebs like Black Lives Matter have thrown things into quite stark relief.

This song highlights the type of friend who is in your corner. It’s a whole lot deeper than that, but I don’t have the bandwidth to write about that at the moment. So I’m being grateful for the friends I have who I can call to say “Hey. I’m having a crappy day. Can I just moan to you for a bit while I do the dishes?”

Those friends, the ones who give a damn and who have been around for all those epic lows for you, and to celebrate the wins, those ones are awesome. I’ve been struggling a bit with feeling like I don’t have any friends yet in Manchester. I don’t yet have someone to (theoretically) go out for coffee or cocktails with, or to go to a weird craft thing with. I love hanging out with my darling husband – like really really, but I would love to find a friend to do things with too.

And just when those ‘you’re friendless in your new home’ thoughts creep in, I have to remind myself that we have been here for seven(ish) months, and have had just under half of that time constrained to our home. So I’ll give it time. I’m sure I’ll find some friends soon.

And, I have an awesome group of friends who are slightly further away, who are just the other end of a phonecall for when a day is tough.

Day 20.

Writing song:

Lecrae (ft. Tori Kelly), I’ll find you

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